Advising changes to substantially reduce energy costs and environmental impact is what most Education projects require of us. We then implement changes efficiently, meeting all regulatory requirements.

Universities solutions

Electrical Engineering

  • Capacity planning and load balancing

  • Voltage optimisation

  • Breaker maintenance and alarms

  • Power quality monitoring inc. utility compliance verification, fault detection, root cause analysis

  • Harmonic analysis and conditioning

  • Control of backup generation

  • Integration with renewables (including battery storage, solar and thermal)

  • Facilitating data access for research projects

Energy Management

  • Complex KPIs (energy per building, precinct or campus)

  • Tracking after-hours usage (during and out of term time targets)

  • Internal cost allocation

  • Billing verification and the on-charging of tenants

  • Other utility management (water, gas)

  • Greenhouse gas reporting

Power Automation

  • Demand management for mechanical services and heavy research equipment

  • Peak-demand predictive algorithms

  • HV SCADA and Remote RMU operation

Software Development

  • Integration with BMS for load shedding

  • Climate monitoring

  • CBUS integration for lighting and room control

  • Weather APIs

  • Integration with utility data

  • Public displays and dashboards


Our Clients