At AZZO, we have an in-depth understanding of how energy is consumed in and around stadiums, having partnered with both Melbourne Cricket Ground and Adelaide Oval.

Stadiums solutions

Electrical Engineering

  • Capacity planning and load balancing

  • Voltage optimisation Breaker maintenance and alarms.

  • Power quality monitoring, including compliance verification, fault detection and route cause analysis

  • Harmonic analysis and conditioning

  • Control of backup generation

  • Integration with renewables (including battery storage, solar and thermal)

Energy Management

  • Complex KPIs (energy per attendee)

  • Tracking after-hours usage (every day vs. non-event day energy targets)

  • Internal cost allocation Billing verification and the on-chargin of tenants

  • Greenhouse gas reporting

Power Automation

  • Demand management for mechanical services and stadium lighting

  • Peak-demand predictive algorithms

  • Load sequencing and game day start up modes

  • HV SCADA and Remote RMU operation

Software Development

  • Integration with BMS for load scheduling

  • Climate monitoring

  • Ticketek integration for attendees

  • CBUS integration for lighting and room control

  • Weather APIs

  • Integration with utility data

  • Public displays and dashboards


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