Portable Metering

AZZO has redesigned portable data logging for the future, giving you reliable, actionable information at your fingertips.

AZZO’s Portable Metering kits are certified investigative tools with high-speed logging functionality, and industry-targeted logging parameters. Boasting easy installation and using Phoenix Contact Rogowski Coils (<4000A) for outstanding accuracy and no core saturation, the meters excel in the measurement of power quality and auditing of harmonics, including active harmonic filters.


Through the use of built-in 3G/4G cellular modems, AZZO’s Portable Metering equipment transmits data instantly to AZZO’s cloud based EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert platform where the data will be logged. The metering data will then be analyzed by AZZO’s industry leading experts who deliver critical analysis based on quality information. As a result, real-time meter data can be viewed via the cloud-hosted dashboard wherever a stable cellular signal is available on-site.


Power Monitoring Expert (PME) software is a complete, interoperable, and scalable software dedicated to power management. PME enables the improvement of operational efficiency, reduces energy-related cost and ensures electrical network reliability with reduced downtime.

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