At AZZO, we are proud to use our many years experience and sound industry knowledge to drive the renewable energy transformation.

Microgrids solutions

Electrical Engineering

  • Reporting to AEMO and relevant DNSPs ensuring power quality compliance

  • Comprehensive power quality analysis

  • Compliance reporting including event and waveform captures

Energy Management

  • Track generation, weather and environmental conditions

  • Visualise through dashboards

  • Deliver data and insight reporting covering revenue data and performance tracking

  • Greenhouse gas reporting

Power Automation

  • Circuit breaker control

  • Facilitates participation in various power schemes

  • Offers active power control for required strategies.

  • Microgrid control and operation

Software Development

  • NEM Spot Market integration (real-time and forecast)

  • Real-time PLC based SCADA controls and graphical user interface

  • Remote asset management including alarms and operational setpoints

  • Meteorological station integration


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