Energy X


AZZO EnergyX is a secure IOT platform that delivers resilience, sustainability, and efficiency across your energy landscape. One platform to bring together your energy management initiatives, electrical distribution monitoring and control systems and orchestration of your generation assets. No more silos.

Delivering sustainability and reliability, solar plants and microgrids are the future of the energy industry, available now.

At AZZO, our approach has been to provide unique solar and microgrid solutions, tailored specifically to our client’s needs, bringing together best-in-class platforms with expert advisory services.

For many this has included automated control and management systems delivering energy efficiencies. Our clients enjoy the benefits of some of the world’s most advanced and future-ready energy solutions today.

EnergyX Portable

All the benefits of AZZO EnergyX, now available everywhere. Discover more about EnergyX Portable – the world’s most advanced portable metering platform, today.