Data Centres

With such a high dependence on the reliable and cost effective provision of energy, Data Centres is a sector we are prolific in the management and optimisation of electrical systems for data centres.

Data Centres solutions

Electrical Engineering

  • Capacity planning and load balancing

  • Voltage optimisation

  • Breaker maintenance and alarms

  • Power quality monitoring inc. utility compliance verification, fault detection, root cause analysis

  • Harmonic analysis and conditioning

  • UPS and generator backup power integration

Energy Management

  • Tracking after-hours usage

  • Base building and common area cost allocation

  • Billing verification and the on-charging of tenants inc. embedded networks

  • NABERS compliance and rolling rating dashboard and reporting (whole facility, infrastructure and IT equipment rating)

Power Automation

  • Complex KPIs including up-time per circuit and rack level anomalies

  • Integration with Chiller Management Systems

  • Adherence to tenant power availability specifications

  • HV SCADA and Remote RMU operation

  • High-speed alarming

  • Complex and consolidated animated one-line diagrams

Software Development

  • Integration with BMS for high speed alarms

  • Climate monitoring

  • Integration with utility data

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